• A flower's delicateness

    (actually written by Mojo-san. We're still trying to find a way to fix this ^^)


     La délicatesse d'une fleur

    The geisha Mineko Iwasaki said that a geisha must have a flower's delicateness but also the strength and the supplenes of a willow.


    Hey everyone ! 

    As I promised, my drawing is not a fanart (finally !). But don't worry, others are soon to be arrived. I made this drawing by inspiring myself with the cover of the "The Elephant" drawn by Pierre Mornet, but I gave it a more colored touch. 

    I drew this in order to transfer it on a shirt, but my transfert paper was probably too old, since it parceled itself out when I washed it... RIP my T-shirt (T-T).

    For the inspiration, I tried to make a sort of sino-japaneese geisha, because I love chnese dresses (not wearing them... I just think they're nice !). I also want to apologize to the feminine readers for this breast that could almost rivalise with a Fairy Tail character's. When I drew it, it didn't chocked me, but when I saw it a few days ago, I finally noticed... (The good excuses).

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