• Happy Families : Alice in wonderland

    Hem. This category is called "Drawing" and the only thing I'm talking about in it are the Happy Families ^^' Well it fact, that's because if you don't count them, I don't draw a lot anymore. Hope you don't mind ;) 

    So, today, little report of a weekend spent between us two (Camille and I), where he drew the Happy families again. The project isn't evolving very fast since we only work on it when we're together. ^^ And we started the Alice in wonderland family ! Here's the result of three hours of hard work : 

    7 familles : Alice in wonderland

    Alice (by me) and the Mad Hatter (by her). I think that Alice looks a little weird, but I can't fix it anymore ^^

    7 familles : Alice in wonderland

    Then, the White Rabbit. Camille (she did it) thinks he looks too "childish" so she wants to draw it again (that's a shame, it's too cute ;) ! ) 

    7 familles : Alice in wonderland

    That beloved Cheshire cat, by me, Smith his frightening smile ^^

    7 familles : Alice in wonderland

    And the last one : the March Hare and his Spoon (he makes me laugh so much xD). There's also the mouse with the unpronounceable name on the card ! I did this one, by the way. 

    That's where we are for the moment, the two others characters of the family will probably be the white and red Queens, but you can suggest me others, I'll show you the finished family (if ever we finish it one day ^^)

    Bye-bye ! 

    7 familles : Alice in wonderland




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