• Happy Families : Divergent

    And here we go again for the Happy families, 'cause since we were on holiday (yeah, I went back to school today :( ), we've been seeing each other a lot of times. As a result, we finished some cards and I'll present you the Divergent family, from the book  that is over-supra-good  that is the best book of the world  that I love so much. 

    Sooo let's get started ! First, there are the Alice in wonderland cards that we finished : 

    7 familles divergent ;)

    The March Hare and Mallymkun (I finally found how to write it after endless researches, it shouldn't be authorized to have such a strange name ! ^^)

    7 familles divergent ;)

    Then the Cheshire cat, in his forest, cushy... Love this character ;p

    7 familles divergent ;)

    And the White Rabbit ! Cam's thinks he's ugly and wants to throw it away in order to draw a new version (I don't care, I'll keep it, nah ! ^^)

    Well, there's two cards from me because she was working on Divergent ;) So in fact, we had already done Tris and Four, and after we didn't really know who to put in the family, so we made a representative for each faction. It's not very clear, but you'll understand (if you read the book. If you didn't, well... Never mind ;p)

    7 familles divergent ;)

    So here are Tris, drew by Camille, and Four, by me (I decided to draw his back because I was way too much scared of missing his face x) ), representing the Dauntless.

    7 familles divergent ;)

    Then there's Christina from the Candor, Camille ALSO re-drawed it because "she was in a too neutral position", she said. Yeah, she re-draws her cards a lot because she caught the everything-I-am-doing-is-crap-anyway illness, and therefore she is persuaded that everything she is doing is ugly, and other bullshitty things. Everybody with me to tell her that NO, SHE ISN'T A PRAT !!!!!

    Anyway. Who's next ? 

    7 familles divergent ;)

    By me, a little Amity girl, just to represent her faction ;)

    7 familles divergent ;)

    And, last but not least, Tris's mother, who will wear the Abnegation colors ;) 

    Will will represent the Erudite, drawn by Camille ! 

    Have a nice day ! 

    Iolka xxx

    Oui, on s'étale JUSTE UN PEU quand on dessine ;) vous pouvez voir la photo du chat du cheshire qui m'a servi de modèle sur l'ordi^^

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