• I've always been fascinated by the people who are able to dance while playing the violin. The musician's energy, all the skills needed... It's really beautiful to see and to ear.

    I therefore decided to make an illustration out of that, just for me (and for you. and to get better. not so just for me, then... ;p). As you might guess, it took a bit of time to do it, but there it is, just finished : 

    Danse, flammes et joie de vivre

    It was soooo fun :D

    And kinda complicated : dynamic characters (still working on the illusion of movement), bright light coming from behind them, night scene, campfire... But the more detailed, the funnier to color and to draw ! 

    The characters and the fire are made using alcohol markers, but for the nice gradient on the back I had to use GIMP, my beloved friend <3 Then I figured ou that a fire is better with actual logs under it, so I quickly added them in digital painting. :p


    Aren't they cute, looking furtively at each other while dancing ? <3



    Of course, to draw all that, I needed references. First, count a dozen pictures of me standing in weird poses in front of my bathroom mirror, to have the right poses to reproduce x) But beside it, what I had in mind while drawing was a scene from a french comic, Lanfeust de Troy, where two characters scrap next to a fire. Here's a few pictures of it : 

        Danse, flammes et joie de vivre    Danse, flammes et joie de vivre


    I loved the gradients on the background and the bright contrast between shadows and light on the characters, but it was sooo hard to draw, I was afraid of screwing the whole thing up between each stroke of marker ! But it turned out pretty well ;)


    I'll try to make a nice backgroud on the original one (on the paper), but I don't know how to do it... I'll get back soon (in the middle of may!) with looooots of new articles when I'll (FINALLY) be on holiday !



  • I motivated myself to participate in a drawing contest proposed by this blog : Draw - Apprends à dessiner ! This month's theme (April, 2016) was "Black and white : draw without using any other shade than black and white ! No grey allowed !"

    I sent my participation, and then, I put a grey backgroud using GIMP, because I thought it looked nicer. 

    Noir et Blanc


    It was a good exercise to work on my profiles (I don't master them as well as the face-front faces or as the 3/4 ones), and I'm proud of the result ! I like the boy in black. Think about the fact that I spent HOURS coloring the whole black part with my inking markers. It was very long ^^

    I finally ended up third over six contestants. I won 31 points, knowing that the first one got 34 points and the last ones, 26. I won't lie to you : I was a bit disappointed, but I reckon that the drawings which beat mine were totally worth it. You can see them here, with the details of the contest (that will be in French, sorry guys) : Black and White contest

    So, what are you thinking of that ? 

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