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  • A friend of mine will soon be opening a Youtube channel, and she asked me a cute banner for the occasion. Therefore, I took my pen and my tab and wooof, there it is :    (well, it's not a real "woof", it actually took me hours, but...)


    Bannière Youtube : Une commande, une !

    (it is obviously forbidden to use this banner for yourself. I precise it just in case ^^)

    But after putting in on Youtube, I discovered that it was not fitting AT ALL (very bad centring) ! I had to do like 4 or 5 trials before obtaining something satisfying.

    Bannière Youtube : Une commande, une !

    (yeah, I like giving stupid names to my files)

    So, after half an hour of annoying re-centring (GIMP was NOT cooperative), I (finally) succeeded in creating something nice :

    Bannière Youtube : Une commande, une !

    For a first trial, I was rather proud of myself. Now we just have to was to see the visitors's reaction (and yours !) ! 

    I'll put a link towards the channel when my friend Lou (you had guessed that Lou was her name ? You're so very talented !) will open it. 

    Have a nice day ! 



    Edit : My friend stopped the channel after a few videos... To bad :/ The banner is now unuseful ^^'


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