• Today, I propose you a fimo cupcake tutorial. Let's go ! 


    Tuto cupcakes- Fimo vanilla and caramel + Fimo of the color you want for the icing.

    - Toothpicks

    - Head pins

    - Dry pastels (colors : yellow and ochre)

    - Round nose pliers and cutting pliers

    - Cupcake mold (here's my tip if you don't have any : buy a cupcake jewel you like, some molds paste, and make a mold of the jewel. This way, you can choose the size of your mold and you can keep the jewel ! You can also buy your own mold on specialized websites or make it using tutorials.)


    Tuto cupcakes

     For the icing / decorating part : 

    - Liquid Fimo
    - Microbeads
    - Golden and silver powders
    - Sprinkles
    - Fruits and flower canes
    - Fimo stuffs : mini chocolate bars, cherries, berries...





    And now we can start ! 

    Tuto cupcakesTuto cupcakes









    1) Mix together 2/3 of Vanilla Fimo clay and 1/3 of Caramel Fimo clay. You should obtain something looking like the picture above. Add a bit of Caramel clay if needed. Then make a small ball (mine is about 1cm Ø) 

    2) Put the ball into the mold and press it. This will be your base. 

    Tuto cupcakes

    Tuto cupcakes









     3) Smooth it softly with your finger, then remove it carefully from the mold.

    Tuto cupcakesTuto cupcakes









    4) Stick a head pin vertically in the cupcake. The head of the pin must be on the bottom of the cupcake. Then, color it with the dry pastels and a brush. First, use the yellow one, and after, the ochre one. This way, you'll obtain a "baked" effect. On the second pic, on the left your see a "not baked" cupcake and on the right a "baked" one. The base of the cupcake is done, you can bake it (for real this time !) if you want, this way you'll be sure not to warp it.

    Tuto cupcakesTuto cupcakes









    5) For the icing : cut some small pieces of paste, then put them in a container (something in glass, not plastic : the Fimo would react badly with it)

    6) Cover with liquid Fimo. 

    Tuto cupcakesTuto cupcakes









    7) Grind the Fimo with any tool you find (something thick and hard will do the job), until you obtain an even, thick liquid. Careful : this step is veeeeery long. Just be patient ! ;)

    Tuto cupcakesTuto cupcakes









    8) I recommend you to prepare several colors of icing, this way you'll be able to create nice patterns. :)

    9) Cover the cupcake base with some icing (pick the color you want). This is the base of your icing. 

    Tuto cupcakes









    10) Do whatever you want ! This is the most creavtive step of the process. Do some stripes, some zigzags, some dots with the other icings (use the toothpicks for that step), play with your fake fruits and chocolate tabls, add some sprinkles... Have fun !  

    Tuto cupcakes


    TA-DAAAAH ! 

    Bake them following the instructions of your paste.

    Now, you may transform them into earrings, keycharms, and show everyone how crafty you are ! 





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