• Who are we ?


    Qui sommes-nous ?

    Hey ! I am Chloe, or Iolka on the blog, I am the co-founder of this blog and its main administrator ! I started blogging with La Fabrique de couleurs in 2013, to share my Fimo creations. Eklablog wasn't the first platform I tried to use, but it's the one I liked most : entirely customizable, easy for use, no ads  <-- (well there used to be no ads...)

    If at the beginning, most of my publications had to do with Fimo, since then I diversified the subjects of the blog. The only rule I have is : the posts have to be associated with creative activities. These days, I tried to get back to drawing again, more seriously, this is why most of the new posts are talking about it... ^^

    Anyway, let's talk about me. I am 17, I just finished high school (yay) and I'm getting prepared to study medicine, but the first year will be very hard (not yay). As you might have guessed, I Love everything that implies to create things by yourself. I also love cats, I am a total Potterhead and I like to visit the imaginary worlds in the books, the movies, the comics...

    A few things again (in french) for the most cuirouses among you : Présentation Forum Iolka



    Mauguine is the second co-founder of the blog. You can have a glimpse of her work in the Drawing category, where she used to show us what she was doing at her Arts classes (If I am not mistaken (yeah, this is Iolka writing)) of some extracts of her sketchbook.

    Mauguine stopped publishing because of a lack of time, but I wanted to thank her for helping me launching this blog, an idea I dreamed of realising but that I couldn't manage on my own.



    Melsaan, come and write your presentation !!! -Iolka-



    My real name is Josselin, I am therefore the first masculine person to post on this blog. I am fond of mangas (All you need is kill, FMA…), of animation movies, of video games (I am also interested in game programming), of detective and SF novels (and all the other genres, actually).


    I wanted to post on this blog in order to force myself to draw regularly (not that I don’t like it, but I have a strong inclination to procrastination), and to get my artistic « skills » back, whom I abandoned when I was 15, because of a lack of time and motivation. I am also intending to work a bit on animation, so I may post some videos.